24/7 Rapid Response Unit

Tempe Tyres Rapid Response is our 24-hours / 7 days a week emergency breakdown service for truck operators Sydney-wide.

With over 20 mobile truck tyre units, the Tempe Tyres Rapid Response programme complements our network by providing truck operators, products with the extra support and service they need.


NOEL: 0405 547 547
BAS: 0414 797 200

Fleet Solutions

Tempe Tyres Fleet Solutions (TTFS) provide the most suitable tyre solutions to major fleets. For transportation companies, beyond the uncontrollable operational costs (i.e payroll, road maintenance and insurance), there are controllable costs, including tyres, fuel and vehicle maintenance. As the overhead expenses remain high, the ever-increasing operational cost is becoming a crucial area of improvement to maintain a company's competitive edge. Tempe Tyres Fleet Solutions can assist with this issue.

TTFS is the department dedicated to the tyre needs of the large transport fleets in Australia, offering a range of products and services designed to 'lower the cost of ownership' in relation to tyre purchases.

Tempe Tyres Fleet Solutions customers can focus on their core businesses, leaving all the tyre-related concerns to their tyre partner. This will help them:
- lower their tyre costs, including fuel consumption;
- improve fleet efficiency; and
- improve fleet safety.


Tempe Tyres sells tyre products of the highest standard. TTFS customers are supported by a dedicated Tempe Tyres account manager to assist in choosing the right tyres to ensure optimum performance and safety. Tyres account for approximately 6% of a fleet's overall costs. However, improper selection and usage of tyres can increase this figure dramatically!

Tyre-Related Services

Adequate maintenance of vehicles and tyres are critical to the operation and safety of a fleet. A dedicated TTFS account manager can provide a high quality of service to ensure tyre life is optimized and vehicle down-time is minimized.

Various day-to-day factors can affect the tyres. Not identifying and addressing such factors correctly and in a timely manner can result in reduced tyre life or even increased vehicle downtime, therefore increasing maintenance costs. For example, pressure checks can often be neglected in a fleet's daily operations. Incorrect tyre pressure may result in shortened tyre life and increased fuel consumption.

Tempe Tyres Fleet Solutions helps the fleets to manage their costs more effectively, improving profitability and competitiveness by leveraging Tempe Tyres expertise on tyre products and services.

Value-Added Services

TTFS customers enjoy benefits such as:

Customized tyre & services package;
Centralized billing;
Simplified administration;
Access to Tempe Tyres Rapid Response breakdown assistance service;
Access to tyre training for workshop and fleet management staff;
Regular tyre review meetings to identify further cost saving opportunities;
Access to customized reporting.

With TTFS, large fleets will find a better way forward!