Your satisfaction is a MUST!

Here at Tempe Tyres, our intent is to provide prducts and services of exceptional value. We work hard to ensure these materials deliver the features and functions that people need and we carefully test them to meet their criteria.
Due to our wide variety of products and services we have different warranties for different products and services. Generally, all our products are covered by their manufacturers warranty.

On Road Legality
  • When the wheels and tyres on a car are changed, this can alter its legality on the road. It is the vehicle owners' responsibilty to contact relevant road and traffic authorities prior to the modifications being undertaken to see if they are permitted. Tempe Tyres is not liable for any legal issues that may arrise with the purchase and installation of wheels and / or tyres.

Cancellations And Return

  • We do not accept any returns after 14 days from invoice.
  • Any cancellations will incurr a 25%-40% restocking fee, Freight charges are NON refundable if products have been sent, all freight is paid by the customer.
  • Any special order products can not be returned.

Guarantee On Fitments
  • If any products are delievered and do not fit we will gladly cover all transport fees and replacement fees except if the car has any after market modifications (upgrade brakes, lowered suspension etc.....). Please specify any modification to our staff while ordering to confirm fitment. Tempe tyres is not responsible for tyres scrubbing on guards, if you have any problems we recommend to roll the guards. Fitment complications have to be reported to us with in 7 day(s) of delivery.

Warranty On Tyres
  • At Tempe Tyres we guarantee the quality of all the tyres we supply and install for the life of the tyre. Should you discover a manufacturer?s fault after the purchase we will replace your tyre free of charge. If the tyre tread is worn more than 20%, Tempe Tyres will replace the tyre on a pro-rata basis (for example, if a tyre is 40% worn, Tempe Tyres will cover 60% of the cost of a replacement tyre while you will only pay 40% of the cost). Any claims on tyres when received has to be reported to us with in 7 day(s) of delivery. CUSTOMER PAYS FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING BOTH WAYS ON ALL WARRANTIES.

Warranty On Wheels
  • All our wheels are covered by a Lifetime Structural Warranty.  There is a Duty Of Care by the customer that the Care Instructions for any alloy wheel must be strictly followed. Customer is liable for any damage caused to the products due to neglengence or miscare. Any claims on wheels when received has to be reported to us with in 7 day(s) of delivery. CUSTOMER PAYS FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING BOTH WAYS ON ALL WARRANTIES.

Care Instructions
  • All our wheels are of high lustrous chrome dipped wheels. If there is any problem with the chrome work we will gladly replace them under the following conditions:
  • Brake dust shall not collect on these wheels due to the fact that Brake Dust crystallises and becomes caustic (like a acid).
  • If car is to be taken to a car wash no acidic cleaner nor polished shall be used on the wheels otherwise the clear protective coating of the wheel will be stripped causing flaking or pealing which is will make our warranty void..
  • Proof of purchase must be provided in case of a warranty claim.
  • Warranty is valid for orginal purchaser of the products and will not be passed on to second owner.
  • Customer pays for shipping and handling boths ways on all warranties and adjustments.
  • All products sold by Tempe Tyres carry the standard manufacturers warranty. Tempe Tyres will be happy to help when a warranty problem arise. Beyond the standard manufactures warranty, there are no warranties, express or implied including any warranty of merchantability or fitment for any particular purpose.
For further enquiries please dont hesitate to contact us.