Our Values

We are Tempe Tyres.
We are passionate about tyres & wheels.
We think and act like business owners and we're in the business of serving customers.
We are trailblazers, we move swiftly, expect to win and exercise care in everything we do.

Our History

Established in 1992, Tempe Tyres has become legendary among car enthusiasts all over the world. Our vast selection of extraordinarily unique and custom manufactured wheels and tyres sets the standard for excellence in the automotive industry.

Our attention to detail and understanding of our clients needs has earned Tempe Tyres thousands of satisfied customers. We are proud to boast of our long list of celebrity clientele.

It is this commitment to customer service that inspired us to be the first company in this industry to offer our clients the convenient option of mail order. Our website displays and delivers every category and combination of wheels imaginable.

Tempe Tyres can customize everything from a Daihatsu to a Rolls Royce Phantom.

No other Tyre Store (Online & Retail) has garnished as much attention as Tempe Tyres, and it is our commitment to excellence and customer service that has allowed us to become the leaders of the pack.

We want our clients to make the perfect selection for their vehicle and we assist them in anyway needed to do so. The cars that wear our wheels and tyres from Tempe Tyres not only say something special about their owners but speak volumes about us as well.

Workplace Safety

Tempe Tyres has an unwavering commitment to the safety of its workforce. We want to ensure that everyone of our people returns home safely everyday.