Packages / 16 Inch

16x7.0 Ballistic BWL Steel
16x8.0 Ballistic BWL Steel
16x6.5 Platin Wheels 0482
16x7.0 Menzari 0468
16x6.5 Incubus 0495
16x7.0 RS Flawless 0450
16x7.0 Menzari 0470
16x7.0 Akuza S004
16x7.0 Panther 0478
16x7.0 Samurai Dojo
16x7.0 Samurai Endo HDF
16x7.0 Samurai Fusa
16x7.0 Samurai Endo BKF
16x8.0 Ballistic Jester FBMT
16x8.0 Ballistic Jester
16x8.0 Ballistic Mace
16x8.5 Lenso Max-Monster MBWA
16x9.0 Lenso Max1 MBD
16x7.5 Lenso BSX Silver
16x8.5 Lenso Max-Monster MWAK
16x8.5 Lenso Max-Monster MWAG
16x8.5 Lenso Max-Monster MWAB
16x8.5 Lenso Max-Monster MWAR


Wheel Machining

Wheel Machining
Tempe Tyres provide Wheel Machining services. Call our friendly customer service team.
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Front and Rear Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment
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More about Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing
We offer Wheel Balancing for all passenger cars, light trucks and SUV/4WD's.
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